These people are ruthless.

Former Democrat turned Republican Rep. Jeff Van Drew admitted that his former party is not interested in holding China responsible for the coronavirus and “The only thing that can possibly be in their mind is politics.”

According to Breitbart, Van Drew stated, “I mean, it is mind-boggling and unbelievable to me that everyone isn’t joined together in trying to figure out how and why China did this to us. … But, we have to know what the World Health Organization was doing, why they said that this was safe, why they said there was no problem with human transmission, why the two people who first identified this disappeared, one died, one just disappeared and now has sort of re-appeared, why China didn’t open its arms to us and allow our scientists, who were begging to come in to help them to really try to reduce and restrict what would happen here.”

Van Drew then said Democrats “would rather just go after our own elected officials in the United States,” and “The only thing that can possibly be in their mind is politics.”

He also said that he was glad to have switched parties after witnessing the Democratic Party’s attitude towards China.

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