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GOP Demands Answers On Biden’s Drug Use


What is Biden taking?

On Thursday, Rep. Andy Ogles (R-Tenn.) announced his intention to propose legislation mandating that President Biden inform Congress if he uses medications to enhance his cognitive abilities.

Ogles, during his “Restoring The Republic” web show, claimed, “It’s clear that he’s receiving some form of medication to assist with his cognitive function, his ability to operate, and maintain energy.”

As a freshman congressman, Ogles emphasized the need for his proposed “No Juicing Joe Act.” He argued that this legislation is crucial due to the White House’s refusal to conduct cognitive tests on the 81-year-old president. According to Ogles, the American public deserves transparency about any medication Biden may be taking to boost his performance.

“Given that the White House will not administer any cognitive tests, we are requesting that President Biden disclose to Congress any use of medication that might affect his mental state and ability to fulfill his duties,” Ogles stated.

Ogles expressed his doubts about Biden’s capacity to lead, saying, “The American people need to know who Joe Biden truly is. Is he genuinely capable of leading the free world? I have my doubts.”


He continued, “I feel sympathy for Joe Biden. At times, I believe he might not be fully aware of his surroundings or identity, and that’s concerning. Some might even consider it elder abuse.”

President Biden, the oldest president in U.S. history, had a moment of disorientation during a skydiving demonstration at the G7 summit in southern Italy. He wandered away from the group of world leaders and was guided back by Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni. This incident is one of several recent occasions where Biden has appeared confused in public.

“This isn’t the image we want to project on the global stage,” Ogles remarked regarding the incident.

Last month, former President Donald Trump called for Biden to undergo drug testing before the two presidential debates they have agreed to participate in. The 77-year-old presumptive GOP nominee referenced Biden’s State of the Union address in March, alleging that Biden seemed “high as a kite” during the speech.

Trump and Biden are scheduled to debate on June 27 and September 10.

“I’m doubtful that the debates will actually happen. We’ll see,” Ogles commented.