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HUGE: Pelosi Responds To Viral Salon Video!

HUGE: Pelosi Responds To Viral Salon Video!


You won’t BELIEVE her excuse!

If you read the news yesterday, you most likely saw that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi openly broke California law and forced a shut down hair salon in San Francisco to open just for her.

Now, according to the Gateway Pundit, the House Speaker is claiming that she was TRICKED by the salon into thinking it was legal to do her hair!

Remember folks Pelosi is a California Democrat and representative of the state’s 12th district which just so happens to be in San Francisco and is the same place as the location of the hair salon!

Currently all San Francisco hair salons are only allow to offer outdoor hair styling and nothing indoors.

She certainly knew the rules of her own district but she is still claiming she didn’t know and this is all a “set up.”