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Millions Of Dollars Vanish From GOP


What is going on?

Several Republican strategists and consultants are expressing grave concerns about millions of dollars that have simply vanished from the National Republican Senatorial Committee. These funds vanished right when the money was needed the most.

According to Huff Post, on hand money at the national campaign fund is seriously lacking just when the GOP candidates need it the most as they head into the final stretch of their Senate races across the United States.

One national Republican consultant explained, “If they were a corporation, the CEO would be fired.”


Another said, “There needs to be an audit or investigation because we’re not gonna take the Senate now and this money has been squandered. It’s a rip-off.”

Florida Senator Rick Scott is under fire from other Republicans for releasing ads of himself and releasing a new policy agenda which has caused big problems for the Republican Party. Some are now mocking him and claiming that the “NRSC” stands for “National Rick Scott Committee”.

The NRSC fund had a whopping $173 million for this election cycle but the money has now been draining to just $28.4 million by June.

$12 million of that money went to unclear American Express credit card payments and $13 million went to consultants and another $9 million was spent on past debts.