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Jan 6 Panel Under Investigation


Justice must be served.

In a long overdue message, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy has just asked the Jan 6. Committee to preserve all of their documents because the Republican Party will thoroughly investigate everything they have done since they were first formed.

According to The Hill, in a new letter written to Jan 6 Committee’s chairman Bennie Thompson, McCarthy said, “It is imperative that all information collected be preserved not just for institutional prerogatives but for transparency to the American people.”

McCarthy added, “The American people have a right to know that the allegations you have made are supported by the facts and to be able to view the transcripts.”


The Jan 6 Committee along with Liz Cheney know they have gone too far with their investigation including the nonstop harassment of former President Donald Trump and now the Republicans want to see just how far they actually went.

Thompson fired back at McCarthy and told reporters that the evidence will be “not just preserved, but made available to the public.”

Thompson added, “He had a chance to have members on the committee. So he had a chance to come and testify before the committee. So I think the horse has left the barn. And we will do our work, we will end Dec. 31. If he wants to conduct whatever he wants as Speaker, it’s his choice. But we sunset Dec. 31. He can read the report. We won’t have anything in our possession after Dec. 31.”

Thompson added, “The subpoena I signed for him to come and testify before the committee will be part of the record.”