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Joe Biden Accidentally Incriminates His Own Son

Joe Biden Accidentally Incriminates His Own Son


Can somebody please take Joe to a doctor and get his brain scanned?

Joe Biden should take a break from the campaign trail because things are going really badly for him right now…

After being called a pervert by a protester and even saying he would appoint a Republican as his Vice President, Joe Biden now accidentally argued in favor of imprisoning his OWN son Hunter Biden. Yes, really!

According to the Daily Wire, during a speech in Peterborough, New Hampshire, Biden told his supporters that fossil fuel executives show be thrown in jail.

However, there is one major problem here. Biden seems to have forgotten that his own son Hunter was working as a fossil fuel executive on the board of Burisma Holdings making roughly $80,000 a month. 


“In order to curb the rate of pollution, Biden explained, we need to hold fossil fuel executives ‘liable for what they have done, particularly in those cases where there are underserved neighborhoods,’” Townhall reported. “When they don’t deliver, Biden offered, ‘put them in jail.’”


You can’t make this up folks. This guy has officially lost his marbles and if you were wondering what we were talking about when we said Biden wanted to appoint a Republican as his Vice President, check it out:

Total insanity…

Do you support Joe Biden’s comment about locking up people like his son Hunter? Let us know what you think in the comments below…

Image credit: New York Post