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Judge Catches Biden Red-Handed


Biden knows what he is doing.

In an exclusive by Fox, it has just been revealed that Florida’s lawsuit against President Biden has advanced and a judge is now saying that President Biden’s policies to combat illegal immigration have turned into nothing but a “speed bump” for illegals trying to get into the United States.

According to Fox News, Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody along with Governor Ron DeSantis filed a lawsuit in September to get Biden to tighten down on his handling of the border.


After the lawsuit just advanced and was not dropped like how President Biden hoped for, Florida Judge T. Kent Wetherell wrote a scathing letter to Biden saying they were “wholly unpersuaded” by their attempt to dismiss the case.

“Today’s order is a huge win in our fight to force the Biden administration to fix the crisis by following the law. As the order states, ‘not even the President is above the law,’ and I look forward to advancing our case to hold the Biden administration accountable for ignoring public-safety immigration laws and turning our nation’s last bastion of protection into nothing more than a speedbump,” Moody exclusively told Fox News.