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VIDEO: Kamala Ditches Biden Over Docs Scandal?


You know she’s thinking about it!

With President Biden’s new massive classified documents scandal it appears that Vice President Kamala Harris may be thinking about taking over the White House or ditching Biden completely to prevent her political career from being tainted.

Recently Kamala Harris was in Ann Arbor, Michigan, because President Biden sent her there to discuss how they will combat the climate crisis.

Rumors began to circulate after Kamala was interviewed by Fox reporter Roop Raj. Raj asked Kamala, “The viability of president Biden in 2024 – your thoughts on that with – given his age, given where we are headed, do you think that he is the right choice for the next president of the United States?”

Kamala Harris obviously defended Biden but didn’t sound very confident with her response. Kamala stated, “Joe Biden is strong and history is gonna show that even just in his two years that he has accomplished through his presidency more than most administrations could have hoped for.”


“Would you consider the job?” Kamala was then asked.

Kamala replied, “I am proud to be Joe Biden’s vice president, and he has said that he intends to run again, and if he does, I will be running with him.”


We already know the President Biden has referred to Kamala Harris as a “work in progress” a number of times now and we also know Kamala is angry with Biden about him giving her meaningless jobs like talking about climate change. Don’t be surprised if the Biden-Harris duo breaks up in the near future.