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Kamala Cracks On Camera


This is going to make you lose a few brain cells.

Vice President Kamala Harris has once again come under the magnifying glass after a recent meeting she had with Jamaican Prime Minister Andrew Holness.

Kamala immediately went viral after she made a speech which made literally no sense and Americans simply cannot believe that this is our Vice President.

According to Fox, Kamala was meeting with Prime Minister Holness to discuss a strategy to help Jamaica recover from the pandemic.


During her speech Kamala confused onlookers when she said, “We also recognize just as it has been in the United States, for Jamaica, one of the issues that has been presented as an issue that is economic in the way of its impact has been the pandemic. So to that end, we are announcing today also that we will assist Jamaica in COVID recovery by assisting in terms of the recovery efforts in Jamaica that have been essential to, I believe, what is necessary to strengthen not only the issue of public health but also the economy.


Americans immediately tore into Kamala online for her senseless babbling.

The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh mocked Kamala and said, “She is truly one of the great orators of our time.”

Radio host Buck Sexton stated, “She reminds one of the student[s] in college who never did the reading, but insisted on talking a lot about it in class anyway, and always thought he/she was brilliantly fooling everyone. But nobody was fooled.”