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Kamala Humiliated On International Stage


Kamala is unfit.

On Friday, Vice President Kamala Harris avoided answering a question about the indictment of former President Donald Trump. However, the President of Zambia took a different approach and addressed the matter which left Kamala humuliated.

According to Fox, Vice President Kamala Harris and Zambian President Hakainde Hichilema conducted a joint press conference, as the vice president concludes her travels on the African continent.

During the press conference, the duo was asked to share their opinions on the indictment of the 2024 Republican presidential candidate by a Manhattan grand jury on Thursday. This came after an extended investigation by the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office.

Kamala chickened out of answering the question and said, “I am not going to comment on an ongoing criminal case as it relates to the former president.”

Nonetheless, Hichilema opted to answer the question and explained his sentiments on the issue, focusing on the viewpoint of the Zambian government.


Hichilema humiliated Kamala and said, “The indictment of President Trump — what does that mean to the rule of law? Let’s remove names from your question. Let’s put what we decided we would do to govern ourselves in an orderly manner. [We] passed our constitutions — bedrock law. Then, secondary laws, other regulations create a platform or framework around which we agreed either as Americans or as Zambians to govern ourselves and so to live within those confines.”

“And when there’s transgression against law, it does not matter who is involved. I think that is what the rule of law means. This is universal,” he added.

Hichilema proceeded to draw parallels between the indictment of Trump and the current partisan strife, with corruption in his country as a point of reference.

He then said, “And here, Vice President, we have a scenario now when we fight against corruption which has taken away resources from children and the sick — sometimes names are thrown into it and perceptions are created that are totally inappropriate. Because transgressions against the law, if you take what belongs to the public, you have offended the law and the name does not matter.”

It’s sad to see that Kamala Harris can’t even keep up with Zambia’s president.