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2024 Republican Candidate Drops Out, Endorses Trump

Who saw this coming?

On Thursday evening, Republican presidential candidate Larry Elder, who faced significant odds, made a surprising announcement. He decided to suspend his campaign and, in an unexpected move, threw his support behind former President Donald Trump.

According to Fox, in a heartfelt statement, Elder conveyed his deep appreciation for the dedicated supporters who had rallied behind his campaign, emphasizing the enthusiasm and grassroots backing he had received. He revealed that his decision to halt his campaign had not been an easy one and was reached after a thorough evaluation of his campaign’s progress and the prevailing state of the presidential race.

Throughout his campaign journey, Elder remained resolute in his commitment to addressing what he considered the paramount issues afflicting the nation. These included the crisis of fatherlessness, the contentious belief in systemic racism in America, the necessity of a constitutional amendment to restrict federal spending as a fixed percentage of the GDP, and the need to replace the Soros-backed District Attorneys across the country who resisted law enforcement. Elder asserted that the breakdown of family structures and the absence of positive father figures had far-reaching consequences, contributing to the surge in crime witnessed in America today. He expressed hope that his campaign had succeeded in shedding light on these critical issues and prompting essential dialogues on how to resolve them.

Larry Elder, best known as a conservative talk radio host and previously as a recall candidate for California Governor Gavin Newsom, had announced his presidential bid in April during an interview with Fox News. He believed his moral, religious, and patriotic obligations compelled him to enter the race.

In August, Elder created a stir when he threatened to sue the Republican National Committee (RNC) for his exclusion from the initial GOP debate. The RNC’s decision was based on Elder’s failure to meet the necessary criteria regarding the number of individual donors and polling support. However, Elder accused the RNC of deliberately silencing his voice, claiming that the rules of the game were rigged to his disadvantage.

Nevertheless, the latest polls consistently showed Elder’s support hovering at a minimal 0-1%.

In his announcement on Thursday, Larry Elder called upon fellow Republicans to unite behind Donald Trump as their presidential candidate. He commended Trump’s leadership, highlighting its role in advancing conservative, America-first principles and policies that had benefited the nation. Elder emphasized the need to consolidate their efforts behind Trump to challenge Joe Biden and combat what he perceived as unprecedented election interference and the left’s perceived dismantling of America.

Elder concluded his statement by expressing profound gratitude to his supporters, volunteers, and donors, acknowledging their investments of time, energy, and resources into his campaign. He reflected on the numerous Americans he had met from Iowa to New Hampshire to Nevada and beyond, all of whom shared their values and left a lasting impact on him.