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New Speaker Puts Restrictions On Biden

There’s a new sheriff in town and Biden doesn’t like it!

Newly-elected House Speaker Mike Johnson, in his first television interview since taking office, expressed strong support for Israel, emphasizing that the United States stands firmly behind Israel. He also mentioned that the House is preparing a $14.5 billion support bill for Israel, which exceeds what Israel had requested from the White House. However, a key distinction in this House appropriation is that the money will be provided in exchange for budget offsets rather than simply printing more money.

According to Fox, on the topic of potential U.S. military involvement in Israel’s defense against Iran-backed terrorist, Speaker Johnson hopes to avoid deploying troops but emphasized that any direct response would require congressional approval, in line with the constitutional authority of Congress to declare war. This means President Biden nor anyone in his administration has the right to make major war decisions without congressional approval first.

He underscored the importance of maintaining strong U.S.-Israel relations, particularly in the face of existential threats that Israel faces daily from its neighbors.

Regarding concerns within his party about fiscal responsibility, Speaker Johnson acknowledged the need to address the national debt but also stressed the importance of supporting nations that value freedom and democracy worldwide. He expressed a desire to see the U.S. economy regain strength through policies similar to those implemented during the Trump administration, including tax cuts, regulatory reform, and energy production expansion.

Speaker Johnson also mentioned the need for unity within his caucus and shared the belief that the United States still has better days ahead, saying that “God is not done with America yet.” He called for a collective effort, invoking a “Ben Franklin moment,” where Americans come together to face the challenges of the present and future, emphasizing the historical significance of seeking divine guidance in times of crisis.