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Kamala’s Ignorance Stuns Americans

Kamala’s Ignorance Stuns Americans

This is really bad.

In a stunning turn of events, Americans were shocked when they realized just how little Vice President Kamala Harris know about the economy and inflation during a recent interview with CBS.

According to Fox, Kamala was interviewed by CBS’ Margaret Brennan over issues related to inflation which have surged since President Biden came into office.

“Was it wrong to consider inflation transitory? These price spikes seem like they’re going to be with us for a while,” Brennan questioned Kamala.

Kamala completely choked during the question and appeared to not know how to respond. She didn’t provide an answer as to how to stop inflation and then began babbling about Biden’s Build Back Better plan.


YIKES! Sadly, it appears that even the average American knows more about inflation than Vice President Kamala Harris at this point. We have long known that President Biden has kept Kamala in the dark about a lot of things but it’s truly shocking to see just how little she knows.