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Karen Pence Disagrees With Husband, Stands With Trump?

Who saw this coming?

Former second lady Karen Pence has opened up about her experiences on January 6, 2021, when she and her husband, former Vice President Mike Pence, were caught in the tumultuous events at the Capitol. Despite being rushed to safety by the Secret Service as a mob targeted her husband during the Capitol attack, Karen Pence revealed in an interview with “ABC News Live Prime” that she did not feel afraid during the ordeal.

According to The Hill, speaking about that fateful day and shedding light on the safety measures the Pence family had to take after the 2020 election, Karen Pence shared her perspective on the situation. When asked if she had ever feared for her life, she confidently responded, “Never.”

Her account highlighted a prevailing sense of peace, God’s presence, and unwavering determination among the entire group, including staff members, during the crisis. According to her, fear was absent and replaced by resolute resolve.

Karen Pence was also questioned about a well-known photo showing her closing the drapes in her husband’s office after they were evacuated from the Senate chamber. She attributed this action to the conditioning she and her husband underwent due to their roles as second lady and vice president, respectively. She recalled instances during the transition period where security precautions were taken, such as the placement of bulletproof glass in hotel rooms during travel.

The decision to close the drapes, she explained, was a result of her thinking that, in situations where there might be a threat, it was prudent to obstruct any view into the office. The decision-making process was influenced by the heightened awareness of potential dangers.

Karen Pence commended the Secret Service for their professionalism and guidance on January 6. She mentioned that they had quickly communicated the possibility of relocating to a different location for safety. The Secret Service’s prompt actions in evacuating them from the Senate chambers and taking them to Mike Pence’s office underscored the potential risks they were facing that day.

As Mike Pence pursues a presidential bid, Karen Pence’s interview provides insight into their past experiences and their stance during the tumultuous aftermath of the 2020 election. This period also saw friction between Mike Pence and former President Trump, with Pence’s refusal to play a more active role in overturning the election results. This resistance is documented in the recent federal indictment against Trump, which outlines instances where Trump encouraged Pence to be more involved in the electoral vote-counting process.

In response to Trump’s comments, Pence embraced the label of being “too honest,” a sentiment he incorporated into his campaign merchandise. This political tension between the two continues as they vie for support in the upcoming presidential race.