Thursday, June 30, 2022
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Kayleigh McEnany Exposes Biden

Hopefully Americans haven’t forgotten.

Former White House Press Secretary and now Fox News Host Kayleigh McEnany slammed President Biden over the current Russia-Ukraine crisis.

McEnany then hit the Democrats like never before and explained to the American people that Russian President Vladimir Putin was the biggest “supporter” of the Democratic Party because they do Putin’s bidding.

In transcript provided by Fox, McEnany explained, “The real truth here is this, that there is no greater supporter of the Democrat Party than Vladimir Putin because he got Crimea on Obama’s watch, and now he’s getting exactly what he wants on Joe Biden’s watch as his minions go out onto the airwaves, refuse to call it an invasion, and took nearly a day, his adviser was twisting in the wind as CNN was trying to get him to utter the word invasion, and then reporting that this action may not alone merit the type of severe sanctions that Biden’s been warning about that should have been in place before all of this.”

McEnany then aded, “The bottom line is this: two embassies evacuated in one year of Biden. Two countries gone essentially in one year of Biden. That is all you need to know.”



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