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Biden Lets America’s Enemy Cross The Border?

Biden just doesn’t learn does he?

According to The New York Times, there is a noticeable increase in the number of Chinese migrants entering the southern border illegally. In the fiscal year 2023, more than 24,000 Chinese citizens were encountered, a stark contrast to the fewer than 15,000 caught in the preceding ten years combined.

Mark Xu, a 35-year-old Chinese elementary and middle school English teacher, shared his perspective in February while waiting to board a boat in Necoclí, Colombia. Xu attributed the surge in migration to the challenging political environment in China, describing it as stifling and making it “difficult to breathe.”

While the issue has been on the radar of U.S. officials for months, a letter dated September 20 from Senator Roger Marshall and four other Republicans to Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas raised concerns about the situation. The letter stated that over 18,000 Chinese nationals had illegally crossed the southern border in fiscal year 2023, with some having ties to the Chinese Communist Party’s People’s Liberation Army.

The lawmakers highlighted the record number of encounters in July, totaling just over 6,100, and expressed worries about the lack of vetting for these Chinese migrants, emphasizing the potential threats to national security. They also raised concerns about the administration’s policy of catch and release, stating that none of the encountered individuals had been detained for any length of time.

National security experts, including Rebecca Grant, a national security analyst at IRIS Independent Research, echoed these concerns. Grant emphasized the uncertainty surrounding the intentions of Chinese nationals crossing the border and suggested the possibility of Chinese military infiltration for reasons harmful to U.S. national security. She emphasized the need for immediate attention and action from the Department of Homeland Security.