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Trump’s Wake Up Call To Sleepy Joe


Trump isn’t playing any games.

President Joe Biden has expressed his interest in facing off against former President Donald Trump once again. However, Trump has cautioned Democrats and individuals he refers to as “RINOs” (Republicans in name only) to proceed with caution and consider the consequences of their desires.

According to Newsmax, During the Lee County Lincoln-Reagan Dinner in Fort Myers, Florida, on Friday night, former President Donald Trump expressed his enthusiasm for running against his potential 2024 rival, President Joe Biden. Trump proclaimed that a Trump-Biden debate would be the “radical Democrats’ worst nightmare.”

Former President Donald Trump rejected President Joe Biden and his administration’s competence and predicted that, as he did in 2020 under the pretext of COVID-19, the current President will refuse to participate in debates. Trump’s comments were a bold criticism of Biden’s ability to govern and his willingness to engage in political discourse.

Trump then said, “And when I stand next to hopeless Joe Biden on the debate stage — assuming he goes to the debate stage, because I don’t know; I don’t think he will; I personally don’t think he will, but let’s assume he does — we’re going to compare our records. And it will be the radical Democrats’ worst nightmare.


“They have the worst record of any president in history. There’s never been anything like what’s happening to our country. They’re destroying our country,” Trump added.

Former President Donald Trump pointed out the bias of the 2020 debate moderator who allowed President Joe Biden to make the claim that his son’s laptop was “Russian disinformation.” Trump argued that this tactic conveniently shifted the focus to race as a Democratic talking point, deflecting attention from the corruption within the Biden family. Additionally, Trump expressed his frustration with the claims that he was the one who would initiate World War III.

Trump then said, “Remember during the debates they said, ‘He’s got a personality that’s going to get us into World War III’? No, my personality got us out of world wars. And my personality made President [Vladimir] Putin, President Xi [Jinping] know that you can’t go into Ukraine and you can’t go Taiwan. Don’t do it. They would have never gone in.”

Former President Donald Trump issued a warning, stating that it is President Joe Biden who has exposed the world and the United States to the “unthinkable threat of nuclear war.” Trump’s statement implied criticism of Biden’s foreign policy and the way he is handling international relations, potentially endangering global security.