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Lindsey Graham Rips Apart Dems


Democrats were fuming!

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham made a complete fool out of Democrats after he asked President Biden’s Supreme Court nominee Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson a series of very strange questions that had little to do with her skills as a Supreme Court judge.

Little did Democrats know, Sen. Graham was tricking all of them by asked Ketanji Brown Jackson the same questions the Democrats asked Justices Amy Coney Barrett when she was nominated to the Supreme Court.


Graham asked Ketanji Brown Jackson about her religious background. He then reminded the Democrats that that was exactly what they did to Amy Coney Barrett.


According to Fox, Graham later added, “We’re tired of it, and it’s not going to happen to you. But it just appalls me that we can have such a system in America that if a conservative woman wants to stand out and say, I love my family, just as much as you love yours, and my faith means just as much to me as it does you, that all of a sudden they’re some kind of weirdo.”

Lindsey Graham has been a controversial figure in the Republican Party as of lately however he knocked this one out of the ballpark.