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Look Who Just Turned On President Biden


Voters are coming to their senses.

A recent poll conducted by Fox News reveals that President Biden is encountering challenges in maintaining his support among Hispanic voters. During a discussion on “Fox & Friends” last Friday, a group of voters emphasized that inflation is eroding their allegiance to the party.

According to Fox, the poll findings indicate that presently, only 46% of Hispanic voters are favoring President Biden for the upcoming 2024 election, marking a decline from the 63% support he garnered from the same demographic in 2020. In contrast, 37% of Hispanic voters express support for Donald Trump in the 2024 election, an increase from the 35% recorded in 2020.

Participants in the discussion included Tina Aviles from Americans for Prosperity Texas, J.P. Villasmil, an alumnus of American University, and Lydia Dominguez, a Christian author who is also a mother and Air Force veteran. These individuals offered insights into the challenges Biden faces in connecting with the Latino community.

Dominguez, who brings a perspective as a mother and military veteran, noted the rising cost of living and its impact on her community. She shared, “I’m witnessing an escalation in prices, and people within my community are growing increasingly frustrated with the current situation.” She added that she observes community members taking on additional part-time jobs out of necessity.


Aviles, a mother of seven, highlighted the stark differences in economic policies between the current administration and previous ones. She remarked, “We recall a time when economic policies fostered smooth growth, but the present administration promised positive changes and instead delivered economic turbulence.” Aviles humorously expressed that the administration’s pledge of a “cafecito” (small coffee) was met with an overflow of inflation, hoping that she wouldn’t notice.

Recent graduate Villasmil noted the ongoing shift of Hispanic voters away from the Democratic Party, which began during the final stages of the Trump presidency and continues presently. He mentioned his concerns encompassing not only the economy but also immigration and foreign policy, especially concerning Latin America. Villasmil pointed out perceived disinterest from President Biden toward the continent.

Dominguez commented on the noticeable frequency of President Biden’s vacations, contrasting it with the financial constraints faced by the middle class. She quipped, “We certainly wish we could afford as many vacations as Biden seems to be taking. It’s evident that the middle class is gradually shrinking.”

In summary, the Fox News poll underscores President Biden’s struggle to maintain support among Hispanic voters, with inflation playing a significant role in their concerns. The panel of voters shared their perspectives on economic policies, immigration, foreign relations, and the overall state of the middle class in relation to Biden’s administration.