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McCarthy Move Enrages Liberals


Democrats are outraged.

Republican House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has just dropped a bombshell on angry Democrats after he admitted that he was considering expunging one or both of former President Donald Trump’s impeachments.

According to The Hill, after McCarthy was asked about Trump’s impeachments, he said, “I would understand why members would want to bring that forward.”

Adding, “But I understand why individuals want to do it, and we’d look at it.”

Before the midterms, a group of 30 Republicans led by Rep. Markwayne Mullin attempted to expunge Trump’s impeachment however it did not go through.


Then another smaller group of Republicans who were also led by Rep. Mullin tried to do it again with Trump’s December 2019 impeachment.

The Senate ultimately acquitted Trump for both impeachment attempts after they failed to reach the two-thirds majority which is required to impeach a president.

If McCarthy successfully does expunge Trump’s impeachment cases it would be a grave loss to the Democrats who worked not stop to destroy Donald Trump while he was the president of the United States.

The Democrats continue to endlessly prosecute Trump however it seems like all of their attempts tend to fall apart similar to how the Mar-a-Lago raid is falling apart since now President Biden has been caught doing essentially the exact same thing that Trump did.