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McCarthy Threatens Biden


Biden needs to stop playing games.

On Sunday, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy criticized President Joe Biden’s proposed budget of $6.8 trillion, calling it “not serious” and cautioning the president against toying with the country’s debt ceiling.

In transcript provided by Newsmax, McCarthy blasted Biden saying, “It’s not serious for the current time we live in. I’ve sat with this president and I want to negotiate with this president. This is what we’ve done every time before.”

McCarthy asserted that Biden has disregarded the opportunity to engage in negotiations and demonstrate to both the U.S. and the world that the nation is committed to managing its debt responsibly.


He added, “We will find savings in how we spend our money. We will prioritize in the right areas and eliminate waste. This budget talks more about equality and climate change than it does in dealing with China and fentanyl and putting the workforce back in the workplace and that’s a real challenge.”

Moreover, McCarthy pointed out that Biden’s delay in presenting the budget by over a month, coupled with his suggested proposals, will “decrease America’s strength,” causing the president to overlook a chance to display his leadership to both the nation and the global community.

McCarthy pointed out that even Democrats won’t vote on his budget.

“Listen to what the congressional budget office says,” McCarthy added. “In the next ten years, we will pay as Americans, hard-working taxpayers, over $10.5 trillion on interest…to put that in perspective, since 1940 till today, in the last 80 years, we’ve only paid $9 trillion in interest. That’s why this budget is not serious.”