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Catholics Cut Ties With Biden?


Biden is upsetting the leaders of his own faith.

In a recent discourse at the Cathedral of Mary of the Assumption, Bishop Robert Gruss of the Diocese of Saginaw delved into the intricate relationship between forgiveness and faith within the Catholic tradition. Addressing the congregation on April 5th under the theme “Forgiveness as the Heart of Christianity,” Bishop Gruss traversed personal anecdotes and theological insights to underscore the significance of relinquishing animosity and resentment towards others, even those in the public sphere.

Drawing from his own upbringing, marked by the challenge of having an alcoholic father, Bishop Gruss shared a poignant moment of forgiveness he experienced as an adult when he composed a letter absolving his father of the burdensome legacy of his youth. Encouraging the faithful to introspect and scrutinize their own harbored resentments, the bishop illuminated how such negative emotions can enslave individuals, preventing them from embodying true freedom and virtue.

Central to Bishop Gruss’s exhortation was the idea that forgiveness extends beyond personal relationships to encompass public figures and institutions. He cautioned against allowing bitterness towards political leaders, including President Biden, to corrode one’s inner peace and moral integrity. Emphasizing the sacrament of reconciliation as a means of catharsis and renewal, Bishop Gruss challenged the audience to confront and confess any lingering animosity towards those in positions of authority.


In a candid moment, Bishop Gruss openly shared his perspective on President Biden’s stance on issues conflicting with Catholic doctrine, such as abortion and gender ideology. While expressing pity rather than anger towards the president, the bishop lamented what he perceived as a lack of comprehension regarding core tenets of the Catholic faith, even referring to Biden’s actions as “stupid.”

Following scrutiny and debate surrounding his remarks, Bishop Gruss issued a clarifying statement through the Diocese of Saginaw, reaffirming his intention to advocate for forgiveness towards all, including public officials such as President Biden. Acknowledging the imprecision of his choice of words in describing President Biden, Bishop Gruss offered a measured apology, recognizing the need for greater sensitivity in discourse.

Bishop Gruss’s discourse echoes a broader trend of Catholic leaders grappling with the tension between political allegiance and fidelity to Church teachings. His call for forgiveness amidst ideological discord serves as a poignant reminder of the timeless imperative within Christianity to extend grace and understanding, even in the face of disagreement and divergence.