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McConnell Sabotages Midterm Elections


What is McConnell thinking?

It has now been learned that the Senate Leadership Fund which is directly aligned with Senator Mitch McConnell is now pulling money from the New Hampshire’s Senate race even though it is a very close race still!

Is McConnell trying to make the Republicans lose this midterms? Starting to look like it.

According to Yahoo, starting on October 25th the McConnell aligned Super PAC will cut $5.6 million in spending.


Senate Leadership Fund President Steven Law explained, “As the cycle comes to a close, we are shifting resources to where they can be most effective to achieve our ultimate goal: winning the majority.”

The McConnell-aligned Super PAC is taking away funding from Republican Senate candidate Gen. Don Bolduc who is facing off against Democrat Senator Maggie Hassan in New Hampshire’s Senate race and it’s a close race.

McConnell seems to be acting in his own personal benefit and not for the benefit of the Republican Party. Very bad leadership.