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McConnell Officially Getting Replaced


So, who is going to replace McConnell?

An internal competition for the GOP Senate leadership is reportedly gaining momentum, partly driven by concerns surrounding the health of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. Since suffering a concussion on March 9, the 81-year-old Kentucky Republican has appeared more frail, leading to worries among GOP senators.

An incident at a July 26 news conference, where McConnell paused mid-sentence and had to return to his office to recover, further fueled these concerns. Nevertheless, McConnell assured everyone that he was “fine” and intends to resume his role as Senate GOP leader in the 119th Congress in January 2025.

The situation has triggered an active leadership race, with insiders noting that it is well underway. Three main contenders have emerged: GOP Senators John Thune of South Dakota, John Cornyn of Texas, and John Barrasso of Wyoming, all of whom have ambitions for the position.


Thune, the current GOP Senate whip, holds a powerful position in any leadership race, as he is involved in managing the floor and important negotiations like the National Defense Authorization Act.

On the other hand, Cornyn has demonstrated his fundraising prowess, raising $20 million for Senate Republican candidates in the 2022 election cycle, second only to McConnell and then-NRSC chair Sen. Rick Scott of Florida.

It is widely speculated that Thune and Cornyn are the frontrunners in the race to become the next Senate GOP leader. However, Barrasso, a more conservative option, remains a viable contender in this three-way race.

While the competition is gaining traction, the candidates are cautious about discussing their plans publicly, as they don’t want to appear disrespectful while McConnell is still in office. Nonetheless, the race for leadership remains an intriguing development within the GOP.