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Nikki Haley Totally STUNS Biden

This one has to hurt.

Former U.N. Ambassador and South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley slammed President Joe Biden for his speech to the United Nations General Assembly. She stated that he made America look weak and “pathetic.” She added that she is “truly embarrassed at how the world saw America.”

“First of all, it’s amazing to me that [Biden] showed up in his one speech on the world stage literally was nothing,” Haley said. “I was doing a U.N. event earlier today, and one diplomat said it was totally vanilla; we were looking for the United States to give us direction on where they are going to go, and we got nothing. And you look at what he said — to not sit there and acknowledge that the Taliban should never get credibility at the U.N. because if they get credibility and they’re acknowledged, they get money. And that’s money that’s fueling terrorists. I mean, let’s keep in mind they are forcing girls into marriages, they have taken them out of school, they have taken women out of governments, they are killing innocent Afghans on the streets, and oh, by the way, we still have Americans over there. The idea that Biden didn’t acknowledge any of that, and the dangers of this terrorist group is unthinkable.”

“But the second side of it is, he couldn’t even call China by its name,” she added. “Like, it was a very weak, pathetic show. For the first time, I was truly embarrassed at how the world saw America.”


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