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Pelosi Finally OUT

She’s gone!

It now appears that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is jumping ship and recently vowed that this would be her last time as serving as Speaker of the House and Republicans couldn’t be happier.

Currently it looks like nearly 20 Democrats will be exiting the House by January 2023 which will give another Democrat the chance to take her seat if they can maintain majority.

According to Fox News, while Speaker Pelosi has not yet officially announced that she will not seek the speakership again, she reaffirmed her 2018 promise that her current term is her final term as House Speaker.

Speaker Pelosi raised suspicion in the past when she dodged multiple question about whether or not she would pursue being House Speaker once again.

Additionally, political experts and pundits from both sides have predicted that the 2022 midterm elections will be a massive red wave for the Republican party and Democrats will lose many seats going forward.