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Pelosi Officially Retires?


America will be better once Pelosi resigns.

House Speaker emerita Nancy Pelosi, aged 83, surpasses President Joe Biden in age and is not far behind Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, and Senator Dianne Feinstein, causing speculation about her political future. Pelosi, representing California, expressed ambiguity about seeking another term amidst concerns over aging lawmakers.

According to Newsmax, in an interview with Politico’s Jonathan Martin, Pelosi, who initiated her congressional career in 1987, stated, “I haven’t given it much thought – yet. But I will. When the time comes, I will.”

The prolonged tenures of both Feinstein and Pelosi, who have represented San Francisco for over three decades, are now under scrutiny, particularly due to Feinstein’s imminent retirement due to health issues stemming from shingles.

Pelosi reflected, “Let’s rewind about six years; we had Dianne, Barbara Boxer, Jackie Speier. Now, Jackie is gone, so we’ll see.” Boxer stepped down in 2017, while Speier left Congress earlier this year.

Despite questions surrounding McConnell’s recent public speaking incidents and Biden’s occasional verbal gaffes, Pelosi exhibits no signs of slowing down, even after relinquishing her leadership role following the Republican takeover of the House. She remains a significant historical figure, both as the most influential elected woman in Congressional history and a highly impactful, albeit controversial, Speaker.


Leaving a job she excels at and loves is undoubtedly challenging, as Boxer observed, stating, “If I were Nancy, it’s not an easy decision.”

Former Mayor Willie Brown, aged 89, anticipates Pelosi’s candidacy, while others, like Aaron Peskin from the city’s Board of Supervisors, voice concerns over a simultaneous departure of Pelosi and Feinstein. Peskin said, “The day is coming when we’re going to start out with a baby congressperson and some baby senator,” expressing hope that such a situation does not materialize.

Pelosi has actively advocated for assistance from the Biden Justice Department in addressing San Francisco’s fentanyl crisis. Nevertheless, deciding to run for office poses a complex dilemma, especially considering reports of her daughter, Christine, expressing interest in succeeding her mother in the same seat.

In the past year, Pelosi experienced the impact of San Francisco’s issues personally when her husband, Paul, was attacked in their home. There has been speculation about Pelosi possibly becoming an ambassador to Italy, a rumor her husband firmly dismissed, stating, “It wouldn’t go away, but she was very clear: ‘I don’t want the job; I’m done.'”

When queried about the potential return of her nemesis, former President Donald Trump, Pelosi refrained from elaborate comments but did express her disapproval with a muttered “despicable” when notified of a breaking news alert regarding one of Trump’s trials.

Furthermore, Pelosi has been advocating for allowing Feinstein to make her own decision regarding her Senate tenure. Pelosi criticized what she perceives as a sexist double standard concerning aging lawmakers, emphasizing that male legislators are not subjected to the same level of scrutiny when it comes to their capabilities.