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Pelosi’s New Job


Pelosi is looking for the new job.

Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is now looking for a new job after its strongly beginning to look like Republicans will win the House in the upcoming November Midterm elections.

According to Fox, Pelosi is secretly hoping that Biden will nominate her to be the new U.S. ambassador to Italy if the Republican Party takes over the House.

Furthermore, inside sources are claiming that Biden is personally holding the position available for Pelosi once the Republicans boot her from the Speaker role.


As if today, 101 Biden ambassadors have been confirmed to several countries by the Senate however Biden has been hesitant to name ambassadors to a handful of countries including Italy. Does Biden know the Democrats will lose the House and is holding these positions open for top Democrats such as Pelosi? Probably.

Currently there are about 27% of the 194 ambassador positions that do not have a Senate-confirmed official.

To keep things simple, Pelosi is basically asking President Biden to give her a 2-year vacation in Italy and will use the “U.S. ambassador to Italy” as her excuse to do so.