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Pence Throws Trump Under The Bus?


Republicans are not happy with Pence.

A member of the bogus Jan 6th Committee has now admitted that former Vice President Mike Pence will be testifying before the committee and tell them everything he knows about the events which lead up to the Capitol protest.

According to the Washington Examiner, Democrat Rep. Jamie Raskin admitted to reporters, “In no one’s case is a subpoena out of the question, but I would assume he’s gonna come forward and testify voluntarily, the way the vast majority of people have.”

As of now, Pence has been noncommittal about testifying in front of the Jan. 6 committee but it’s looking more and more like he will.


Just last month Pence explained, “[In] the Constitution, we have three coequal branches. Any invitation to be directed to me — I would have to reflect on the unique role that I was serving as vice president. I don’t want to prejudge. If [there was] ever any formal invitation rendered to us, we would give it due consideration.”

Raskin further added, “Pence was the target of Donald Trump’s wrath and fury and effort to overthrow the election on Jan. 6. The whole idea was to get Pence to step outside his constitutional role, and then to declare unilateral lawless powers to reject Electoral College votes from the states. So I think he has a lot of relevant evidence, and I would hope he would come forward and testify about what happened.”

The Jan 6th Committee is out to get Trump. They want to ensure that he is unable to run again in 2024 and they are willing to use Mike Pence to make it happen. The question is will Mike Pence say what they want him to?