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Republican Governor Joins Forces With Fani Willis


This is a nightmare.

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp has expressed his skepticism about the recent efforts by state Republicans to convene a special session with the aim of removing Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis from her position. Speaking at a press conference, Kemp emphasized that his stance is not influenced by his personal sentiments regarding the district attorney’s case involving former President Donald Trump.

According to Fox, during the press conference held on Thursday, Governor Kemp asserted, “Thus far, I have not encountered any substantiated evidence that would justify intervention by the prosecuting attorney oversight commission in response to DA Willis’ actions or inaction. My commitment is to uphold the law and the Constitution as long as I hold this office, irrespective of any political implications.”

In a letter presented to the governor earlier this month, State Senator Colton Moore declared having garnered support from “3/5 of each respective house” within the state legislature for his endeavor to impeach Willis.

However, in subsequent communication with Fox News Digital, Moore admitted that the claim made in the letter about securing a majority in both legislative houses was inaccurate.


Addressing the issue, Governor Kemp highlighted, “The state of Georgia has established a clear legal framework outlining the appropriate measures that can be pursued if constituents harbor concerns that their local prosecutors are violating their sworn obligations through involvement in unethical or unlawful conduct.”

Following Moore’s actions, other members of the state’s Republican party have sought to hinder the progress of the Georgia case against Trump, but these efforts have faced comparable setbacks.

In a recent development, Willis submitted a motion on Tuesday afternoon requesting the presiding Fulton County judge to expedite the trial involving Trump and 18 co-defendants. This group, which includes figures such as Mark Meadows, Rudy Giuliani, Sidney Powell, Jenna Ellis, and Kenneth Chesebro, is collectively facing charges related to Georgia’s Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act.

Willis’ motion proposes setting a specific deadline for defendants seeking to separate their cases from the larger proceedings. The motion also urges the court to allow adequate time for all parties, including the State of Georgia, to present their arguments regarding the severance issue, culminating in a hearing that adheres to the legal requirements established by Georgia law, as outlined in prior legal precedents.