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Republicans Kick McConnell To The Curb


Is the GOP done with McConnell?

Senator Ted Cruz, a Republican from Texas, expressed his concerns to Newsmax regarding an unsettling incident involving Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell from Kentucky. McConnell experienced another episode of freezing while speaking with reporters in Covington, Kentucky, marking the second occurrence within two months. McConnell, aged 81, had previously encountered a similar freeze in July while engaging with reporters at the Capitol.

The Senator, who has been a fixture in the Senate since 1985, has displayed an increasing frailty since a fall in March resulted in a concussion and fractured rib. This incident compelled him to take a hiatus from Senate duties lasting nearly six weeks. Cruz, who is currently undertaking a tour of Texas’ agricultural communities, shared his perspective on the incident during an interview on “Eric Bolling The Balance.” He acknowledged watching a video of McConnell’s recent episode but deferred to news reports for additional information. Notably, the Senate is in recess until September 6th.

Cruz, aged 52, conveyed his concern, referring to the incident as both troubling and frightening. While acknowledging the inevitability of aging for everyone, he expressed his well wishes and prayers for McConnell’s recovery. Despite their policy disagreements, Cruz emphasized McConnell’s toughness and resilience, expressing hope that he would overcome this challenge.


The topic then shifted to the Senate’s composition, with some urging McConnell, as well as 90-year-old Senator Dianne Feinstein of California, to resign due to health-related concerns. Feinstein has faced multiple health issues this year but remains committed to completing her term without seeking reelection in 2024. It’s important to note that McConnell’s next election is scheduled for 2026.

Cruz lightened the mood by sharing a humorous observation about the age dynamics within the U.S. Senate, highlighting the stark generational differences among colleagues. He discussed how both Republicans and Democrats in the Senate have faced cognitive decline at various stages, underscoring the shared path of aging that everyone experiences.

Ultimately, the discussion broadened to encompass questions about the health of President Joe Biden, aged 80, and the speculation surrounding potential signs of cognitive decline that some have observed.