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Schumer Tries To Frame Trump Family

Schumer showing his true colors again.

Jared Kushner, the former adviser to ex-President Trump and his son-in-law, recently shared on the Lex Fridman Podcast that Senator Chuck Schumer from New York had relayed concerns to his mother’s friends about his potential incarceration in relation to the 2016 election and alleged connections with Russia.

In transcript provided by The Hill, Kushner stated, “My poor mom, I told her to stop, you know reading whatever, I said, ‘I promise you, we didn’t do anything wrong, it’s good’. But you know, she’d call me say, well you know, ‘our friends were on the Upper East Side were talking with Chuck Schumer who says Jared’s going to jail.’”

Kushner, who is married to Trump’s daughter Ivanka, vehemently denied claims that he had attempted to create a covert communication channel between Russia and the Trump campaign in the run-up to the 2016 election. He was notably present at a highly-publicized meeting that included Donald Trump Jr., former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort, and a woman described as a Russian government lawyer offering damaging information about Hillary Clinton.

While Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report identified “widespread and systematic” Russian interference in the 2016 election, it failed to find evidence of complicity between anyone on Trump’s campaign and those efforts.

Kushner also met with Russia’s ambassador to the U.S., Sergey Kislyak, shortly after Trump’s 2016 victory, along with Michael Flynn, who would later become Trump’s national security adviser. During this meeting, discussions revolved around establishing a secure communication channel between the Trump transition team and the Kremlin.

Kushner initially dismissed these allegations, considering them unsubstantiated. He believed they were akin to attempts to ensnare individuals with one minor misrepresentation, potentially leading to imprisonment or worse. He expressed concern that his reputation could be tarnished by such accusations.

Kushner underwent extensive investigations by the Senate intelligence and judiciary committees concerning potential ties between the Trump campaign and Russia. He testified for over 20 hours before various committees and personally incurred substantial legal expenses.

Reflecting on Schumer’s remarks, Kushner found it disheartening that a prominent senator could perpetuate a narrative he knew to be entirely false. He expressed the difficulty of witnessing this narrative unfold in the public domain.