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Sparks Fly After Fauci Threatens Trump

Sparks Fly After Fauci Threatens Trump


This is such BS!

Fauci sent social media into a frenzy after he decided to condemn President Trump for running an ad which Fauci claimed took his words out of context and threatened him to not “play games”:

According to Breitbart, during his interview with CNN, host Jake Tapper asked “Should the Trump campaign take this ad down?”

Fauci responded, “I think so I think it’s really unfortunate and really disappointing that they did that. It’s so clear I’m not a political person. I have never either directly or directly endorsed a candidate. And to take a completely out of context statement and put it in which is obviously a political campaign ad, I thought was really very disappointing.”


Tapper then decided to stir the pot and asked, “What would you say if I told you I heard the Trump campaign was preparing to do another ad featuring you?”

Fauci replied, “That would be terrible. That would be outrageous if they do that. In fact, that might actually come to backfire on them. I hope they don’t do that. That would be kind of playing a game that we don’t want to play. I hope they reconsider that if, in fact, they are indeed considering doing that. I hope they reconsider and not do that.”

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