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Top Republican Exposes Biden’s Dirty Secret

Top Republican Exposes Biden’s Dirty Secret


This is much bigger than we all expected.

During a recent appearance on Fox News, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy blasted President Joe Biden for his poor leadership in Afghanistan and admitted that this would never have happened under Trump.

McCarthy also revealed that Biden’s monumentally disastrous decision will cause problems for the United States for decades to come.

According to Breitbart, McCarthy stated, “This would have never happened under President Trump, the scenario of what transpired. They would have stopped what was moving forward. This Biden administration said they planned for every scenario. They told us two days prior that Kabul was not imminent. He told us less than a month before that this would never happen. I was in those intel briefings. We knew this would transpire. Why didn’t he stop it? He blamed everybody but the Taliban, and what’s even worse here is, this isn’t about leaving. This is about American legacy and Biden’s lack of leadership. This will last for decades.

“He just cost the rest of this nation for our allies, for our adversaries what they’re going do,” McCarthy added. “And remember what Joe Biden said as vice president — his advice was not to go in and get bin Laden. This is the decision he has made once again, but it causes problems for decades.”

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