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Trump Congratulates Biden, Liberal Minds Melt


Now, isn’t this hilarious?

Former President Donald Trump offered his congratulations to Joe Biden for joining the Truth Social platform. However, he couldn’t resist taking a swipe at Biden’s leadership abilities.

According to Newsweek, the upcoming 2024 presidential election is widely anticipated to be a rematch between Biden and Trump. Trump consistently maintains a significant lead over other Republican candidates in various polls. In his bid for re-election, the Biden campaign has ventured into traditionally conservative media spaces, including purchasing ads on Fox News’ website and during select broadcasts.

In an unexpected move, the Biden 2024 campaign established an account on Truth Social on Monday. This social media platform was initiated by Trump after his suspension from Twitter following the January 6, 2021, Capitol riot. Since its launch, Truth Social has attracted a predominantly conservative and pro-Trump user base, with the former president actively using the platform, akin to his Twitter habits.

In a Saturday morning post, Trump praised the Biden team for joining Truth Social, implying that it might be one of their few accomplishments.


“We are heading towards World War III due to grossly incompetent leadership, led by a President who appears clueless. However, he did have the sense to join TRUTH, the real VOICE OF AMERICA,” Trump stated. “Congratulations, Joe, at least for that!”

Notably, a few days after the account’s creation, the Biden campaign’s account, named “Biden-Harris HQ,” had more followers on Truth Social than Trump’s 2024 campaign account, “Team Trump.” As of Saturday morning, Biden-Harris HQ had 34,800 followers, while Team Trump had only 28,900.

“After just two days, the Biden campaign has already surpassed the Trump campaign in followers on Truth Social,” noted Parker Butler, director of digital rapid response for Biden-Harris HQ, in a post on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, on Wednesday.

Butler offered a straightforward explanation for the campaign’s decision to join this notably anti-Biden social network: “We joined Truth Social mainly because we found it quite amusing.”

Similar motives have been attributed to the Biden campaign’s broader foray into conservative media spaces. A September headline from The Daily Beast characterized the campaign’s purchase of ads on Fox News channels as a way to taunt Trump and the Republican Party.