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Trump’s Enemy Calls For World War III

Is this the right decision?

Trump’s enemy and his former National Security Adviser John Bolton has urged the United States and NATO to no longer be “intimidated” by Russia and their potential use of tactical nuclear weapons to “win the war” in Ukraine.

Instead, Bolton is calling on the United States and NATO to “threaten” Putin’s life if he decides to use nuclear weapons.

According to Newsmax, Bolton warned, “We’re intimidated by the threat of tactical nuclear weapons. I think for one year, Putin has bluffed. It’s been entirely an effort to psyche out the United States and the West, and it’s succeeded.”

Bolton then called on President Biden and NATO to threaten Putin himself and said, “I think we need to make it clear to the Russians generally that any use of tactical nuclear weapons would result in devastating retaliation, including a direct attack on Vladimir Putin’s life personally.”

Bolton went on to say, “Now, if there’s a better way to deter Putin, I’m happy to hear about it. But what I’m looking for is the most convincing argument to convince the Russians that they can just leave their tactical nuclear weapons in their arsenals where they are now.”

Bolton then pushed the envelope even further and told the United States and NATO to stop “slow-walking aid” to Ukraine and “pay up” now to let Russia know that they have clear war objectives to free Ukraine.

Bolton warned, “We have not provided adequate weaponry to the Ukranians. We don’t not have a strategy to win.”

“It really endangers support for the war, at least in the United States, when we’re afraid to say conclusively that our objectives are the removal of all Russian troops and the restoration of full Ukranian territorial integrity and sovereignty – meaning and including Crimea,” Bolton added.

Bolton later warned President Biden and NATO to win the war and not to continue to tease at it.