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Schiff Stoops To Shocking New Low


Schiff is the prime representation of what the Democrat party has become and it’s disgusting.

According to Representative Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), the Justice Department’s comprehensive indictment provides evidence that former President Trump had a deliberate and malicious intent in retaining the documents that were transferred from the White House to Mar-a-Lago following the conclusion of his presidency.

During an interview with MSNBC’s Nicole Wallace, Representative Schiff expressed his astonishment at the indictment, emphasizing the remarkable level of detail it contains and how it convincingly reveals that Trump’s actions regarding the documents were not driven by good intentions.

In transcript provided by The Hill, Schiff stated, “First of all, it’s stunning in its detail and in the degree to which it shows so clearly Donald Trump’s malign intent. The most difficult element, often, to prove is what did the defendant intend.” 

“But here Donald Trump has made so crystal clear in the conversations that are recorded, instructions that he gives to his aide to move the boxes, in his deceitfulness with his own attorneys, it’s just so graphic,” Schiff went on to say.

As one of the impeachment managers during Trump’s initial impeachment trial, Schiff asserted that the determination of whether Trump should face charges was not a challenging decision for special counsel Jack Smith, who is spearheading the investigation. Schiff further stated that the evidence presented in the indictment is so compelling that the special counsel had no alternative but to proceed with the case.


Upon its unsealing on Friday, the indictment revealed multiple instances where Trump was purportedly involved in obstructing federal authorities from accessing the documents relocated to Mar-a-Lago. One such incident involved allegedly instructing an aide, who has also been indicted, to transfer boxes of documents from a room without informing his attorney, who was actively seeking the relevant documents to comply with a subpoena.

Additionally, the document contains a transcript of a conversation where Trump is heard asking his attorneys if it would be possible to simply disregard the subpoena, indicating a potential disregard for legal obligations.

Schiff expressed his deep surprise at the inclusion of sensitive information in the documents, which encompassed details concerning military plans, the nuclear capabilities of adversaries, and the vulnerabilities of the United States. The revelation of such classified information left him astonished.

Schiff commented on the approach taken by the special counsel, referring to it as a “speaking indictment” that aims to inform the American people about the gravity of the situation. He emphasized that this case goes beyond a mere paperwork violation, as it involves national secrets that pose genuine risks to the country’s national security. By highlighting this, Schiff emphasized the seriousness of the charges and their potential implications.

Following Trump’s announcement on Thursday about being indicted, the California Democrat remarked that these charges served as yet another affirmation of the importance of upholding the rule of law. Schiff’s statement reflects his belief that the indictment reinforces the principle that nobody is above the law, including former presidents.