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Trump To End 20-Year GOP Losing Streak


If anyone can, Trump can.

It has been twenty years since a Republican candidate won Virginia in a presidential election. The last time was in 2004, when George W. Bush secured the state during his re-election campaign. Since then, Democrats have consistently won Virginia in the past four presidential elections, including President Biden’s ten-point victory over Donald Trump in 2020.

However, Governor Glenn Youngkin believes that Trump has a strong chance of breaking the Republican losing streak in Virginia in the upcoming 2024 election against Biden. In a recent interview with Fox News Digital during a Republican Governors Association conference in New Orleans, Youngkin highlighted the significant change in the political landscape since 2020, noting that the competitive nature of the state is noteworthy.

A recent Fox News poll, conducted from June 1-4, revealed a tight race in Virginia, with both Biden and Trump each garnering 48% support in a direct match-up. In a multi-candidate scenario, Biden leads with 42%, Trump follows closely with 41%, and independent candidates like Robert K. Kennedy, Jill Stein, and Cornel West share the remaining percentage points.

Youngkin, who became governor in 2021, marked a resurgence for the GOP in Virginia, winning alongside the state’s lieutenant governor and attorney general, and flipping the state House. These victories were significant for a state that had leaned Democratic for the previous decade. However, the Democratic Party regained the majority in the state House and maintained control of the state Senate in the latest elections, posing a setback for Youngkin and the GOP.


Looking forward to the upcoming elections, Youngkin has fully endorsed Trump and is committed to campaigning vigorously for a Republican win. Despite speculation about his potential presidential aspirations, Youngkin remains focused on his role as governor and aims to continue advancing conservative policies in Virginia.

Meanwhile, Governor Brian Kemp of Georgia is also seen as a potential candidate for the 2028 GOP presidential nomination. Despite his past conflicts with Trump, especially after certifying Biden’s victory in Georgia in 2020, Kemp remains focused on the 2024 elections and is dedicated to maintaining Republican majorities in his state.

New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu, another prominent Republican who has been critical of Trump, also emphasizes the importance of state-level elections. Although he supports the GOP nominee, Sununu is committed to strengthening the Republican presence in New Hampshire’s legislature.

These Republican governors, while differing in their approach to Trump, share a common goal of ensuring their party’s success in the upcoming elections, with a strong emphasis on state-level campaigns and legislative victories.