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Democrats Ready To Convict Joe Biden

Democrats clearly have no loyalty to even their own, but this is just hilarious to see.

Republican Senator Markwayne Mullin from Oklahoma asserted on Friday that several Democratic colleagues are very open to the possibility of convicting President Joe Biden if he undergoes impeachment proceedings. This follows the recent formalization of an impeachment inquiry by House Republicans, focusing on allegations of Biden’s involvement in his son Hunter’s foreign business dealings. Despite consistent denials from both the White House and Biden regarding the president’s connection to his son’s affairs, the House Oversight Committee has been investigating the Biden family for months.

Mullin, appearing on Newsmax’s Wake Up America with Rob Finnerty, provided insights into the sentiments among his colleagues in the Senate, suggesting that some more moderate-leaning senators would consider convicting Biden if the House presents a compelling case. He emphasized that such a case should clearly point to the president breaking laws related to treason, misdemeanors, or high crimes. Mullin disclosed that he had confidential conversations with five Democratic senators who indicated a willingness to convict if the allegations were proven.

The challenge of persuading Democratic senators to convict a president from their own party is acknowledged, especially considering the historical context of former President Donald Trump’s impeachments. Trump, impeached twice during his tenure, was acquitted by the Senate on both occasions. The first impeachment trial in December 2019 resulted in an acquittal on charges of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress, with only one Republican, Mitt Romney, finding him guilty. The second impeachment in January 2021 ended similarly, with Trump acquitted of incitement of insurrection.

President Biden responded to the recent impeachment inquiry vote by characterizing it as a “baseless political stunt,” an assertion echoed by some Republicans in Congress. Representative James Comer, head of the House Oversight Committee, claimed that financial records obtained by the committee revealed over 20 shell companies established by the Biden family to conceal payments from foreign sources, totaling more than $24 million from countries such as China, Russia, Ukraine, Romania, and Kazakhstan.