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Trump Picks Next House Speaker


Trump’s pick is in!

Former President Trump has expressed his full support for Rep. Jim Jordan’s bid to become Speaker of the House. Trump praised Jordan’s long-standing dedication to public service and described him as highly respected.

According to Fox, in a post on TRUTH Social, Trump highlighted Jordan’s impressive track record before entering Washington, representing Ohio’s 4th Congressional District and currently serving as the Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee. Trump also noted that he had the privilege of awarding Jordan the Presidential Medal of Freedom during his presidency.

Trump emphasized Jordan’s accomplishments in wrestling, noting his impressive high school and collegiate career. He underlined Jordan’s academic achievements, which include a master’s degree in Education from Ohio State University and a Law Degree from Capital University.

Furthermore, Trump highlighted Jordan’s strong stance on key issues such as crime, border security, support for the military and veterans, and the Second Amendment. He praised Jordan’s family as outstanding and expressed confidence that Jordan would make an excellent Speaker of the House.


Jordan officially announced his bid for Speaker following the removal of Rep. Kevin McCarthy from the position. House Majority Leader Steve Scalise also declared his candidacy for Speaker.

In a separate interview with Fox News Digital, Trump mentioned that he had been asked to consider taking the speakership on a temporary basis if Jordan and Scalise could not secure enough support. Trump clarified that he would only do so for the benefit of the party and his primary focus remains on his presidential campaign.

Trump did not specify who had approached him about the speakership, but some GOP lawmakers have expressed a preference for him in the role. He emphasized that if needed, he would consider a short-term tenure of 30, 60, or 90 days to help the party reach a decision.

Jordan has garnered support from various factions within the Republican conference, with many believing he can unite moderates and conservatives to secure the 218 votes required to become Speaker.