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Trump In Hiding?


The GOP infighting is getting worse.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis expressed his views on the 2024 presidential election during an appearance on Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures.” While he holds respect for former President Donald Trump, DeSantis emphasized that replicating President Joe Biden’s “basement” campaign strategy from 2020 wouldn’t lead to victory.

According to Newsmax, DeSantis criticized Trump for his absence in the first two debates among Republican candidates vying for the party’s national ticket. Despite Trump’s substantial lead over DeSantis in GOP primary polls, the governor stressed the importance of active campaigning.


According to DeSantis, a Republican nominee should engage with voters, make their case, and participate actively in early-state activities like those in Iowa and New Hampshire. He emphasized his own commitment to leadership, highlighting tangible results as the key to success in Washington. DeSantis firmly believed that 2024 was a pivotal moment for the country and that there was no room for excuses.

DeSantis argued that he was the best candidate to defeat Biden due to his potential to serve two terms and win states like Georgia and Arizona, which Trump struggled with. He cited his track record of delivering on promises made during his tenure as Governor of Florida as evidence of his reliability.

In DeSantis’ view, the next president should not merely manage the country’s decline under Biden but should actively work to reverse it. He positioned himself as the candidate capable of accomplishing this critical task.