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Trump Trashes Crooked Judge’s Wife

Trump isn’t holding back anymore.

The latest focus of former President Trump’s online criticism is the wife of the New York judge overseeing his ongoing civil fraud trial. Trump alleged on Truth Social that Judge Arthur Engoron’s wife, Dawn Engoron, controlled an account on X (formerly Twitter), posting messages critical of him. Conservative activist Laura Loomer uncovered these posts by an account named “Dawn Marie,” speculating about Trump’s potential imprisonment and featuring AI illustrations depicting him in various scenarios.

In a Truth Social post, Trump accused Judge Engoron’s wife and an alleged “disturbed and angry law clerk” of taking control of the trial, referring to it as a “New York State Witch Hunt Trial” targeting him, his family, and the Republican Party. However, Dawn Engoron denied any association with the account, clarifying in a statement to The Hill that the Twitter account with the handle @dm_sminxs does not belong to her, as she does not have a Twitter account.

The Hill couldn’t independently verify the ownership of the X account posting anti-Trump messages, as it appeared to be deactivated at the time of publication. Throughout the fraud trial, both Judge Engoron and his principal law clerk have been frequent targets of Trump. The judge had previously ruled Trump, the Trump Organization, and several executives liable for fraud, accepting the core of New York Attorney General Letitia James’s case.

Engoron’s active role in the bench trial and his ruling against Trump have made him a direct target both on social media and in court. During his testimony, Trump questioned the judge’s impartiality and labeled him as “Trump hating.” This led to a limited gag order against Trump and his attorneys, preventing discussion about the judge’s staff. A mistrial motion based on perceived bias was also filed by Trump’s legal team, which Engoron denied, describing it as having “utterly without merit.” The motion argued that the alleged bias jeopardized the defendants’ rights and the judiciary’s integrity.