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Trump Announces Presidential Run?


Here’s what happened…

During his most recent rally in Pennsylvania, former President Donald Trump once again hinted at a 2024 presidential run again and Democrats are angrier than ever.

According to Newsmax, Trump boldly stated, “Our country is paying a terrible price.”

Trump rallied the crowd and stated, “I did much better the second time than I did the first, getting millions and millions more votes in 2020 that we got in 2016.”

Trump was also stumping for his endorsed candidates such as Herschel Walker, GOP gubernatorial nominee Doug Mastriano and others.

Trump then dropped a major hint about 2024 and announced, “We’re leading Biden and everyone else, including the Republicans, by record numbers in the polls, so I may just have to do it again. May just have to do it again.”

“May just have to do it again,” Trump boldly said.

“first we have to win a historic victory for the Republican Party this November,” he later added.