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[VIDEO] Biden Evades Media

Biden should be ashamed of himself.

As President Biden continues to claim that he defeated the coronavirus pandemic it is now known that more Americans have died from the virus during this presidency than under Trump’s presidency.

What’s even worse is that Biden appears to have given up at trying to defeat it and Americans are asking questions.

In November of 2020, Biden even took to Twitter and wrote, “More than 230,000 Americans have died from COVID-19 –– and Donald Trump has given up on trying to get the virus under control. He may have quit on you, but I promise I never will.”

Now in a video from GOP War Room, one reporter asked Biden, “800,000 coronavirus deaths — do you have a statement on your responsibility? And why haven’t you asked China to do more, to be transparent on the origins?

Biden shocked reporters when he simply laughed and walked away with no reponse.