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Miami Law Enforcement On High Alert


Is this really necessary?

In Miami, there is an increase of both local and federal law enforcement agencies as they are preparing for any violence that might occur during former President Donald Trump’s scheduled court appearance on Tuesday.

The Miami-Dade police in a statement noted that they were ready to help with any security efforts necessary. The department in a released statement noted that they would work with local, state and federal agencies to ensure that every necessary assistance is available on hand, in terms of the necessary personnel, and resources and assisting with road closures where needed. The local media have also stated that there was fencing and barricades placed around the courthouse that Trump will need to make an appearance in.


Law enforcement groups are also monitoring the Miami federal courthouse and Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence ahead of his expected appearance in court. This is a similar situation as the one that unfolded in New York City following Trump’s indictment in a court there on unrelated charges. The protests in New York City had for the most part remained peaceful but there were some incidents between Trump’s supporters and his critics. 

On Friday, Trump’s indictment was unsealed revealing 37 counts of various crimes, 31 of which were connected to the Espionage Act, with charges ranging from withholding national defense information to withholding or concealing documents in a federal investigation and conspiring to obstruct justice.

Trump has repeatedly stated that this was a politically motivated probe and a “witch hunt” and has maintained that he has done nothing wrong.