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VIDEO: President Biden Humiliates Veterans

This is truly pathetic behavior from Joe Biden.

Social media users expressed their concerns and criticism following a video that appeared to depict President Biden departing a White House Medal of Honor ceremony prematurely, before the concluding prayer.

According to Fox, critics accused President Biden of leaving the event abruptly, which they perceived as a sign of disrespect towards the U.S. military veteran, former U.S. Army Captain Larry Taylor, who was being honored with the nation’s highest military accolade.

The incident occurred on a Tuesday, immediately after President Biden had bestowed the Medal of Honor upon 81-year-old former U.S. Army Captain Larry Taylor. Taylor was being recognized for his heroic actions during the Vietnam War, specifically for piloting his helicopter into a perilous situation to rescue four comrades who were surrounded by enemy forces, facing almost certain demise.

During the ceremony, President Biden recounted the harrowing circumstances of Taylor’s heroism, acknowledging the grave risks involved but Taylor’s unwavering readiness to face them.

As the ceremony neared its conclusion, President Biden placed the medal around Taylor’s neck. However, instead of remaining on stage until the audience had finished applauding and the Master of Ceremonies had delivered the concluding prayer, President Biden walked down the aisle, seemingly leaving the event.

Consequently, the benediction was read while Larry Taylor stood alone onstage. Someone in the audience appeared to gesture to Taylor, indicating that he should stay up front despite the president’s departure.

In contrast, videos from previous Medal of Honor awards ceremonies held in 2020 and 2021 showed that President Biden had stayed on stage with previous medal recipients until the conclusion of the prayer. In those official videos, Biden only left the stage after the event had officially concluded, and the White House band had begun playing.

Social media users, particularly on the platform known as X (formerly Twitter), highlighted this apparent sudden departure by President Biden. For instance,’s post noted, “Joe Biden just swiftly exited the room immediately after awarding the Medal of Honor to Army Captain Larry Taylor. The ceremony continued for several minutes afterward, with Biden missing the concluding prayer.”

The Young Americans for Liberty’s account remarked, “A visibly confused President Biden exited in the middle of the Medal of Honor ceremony before the benediction.”

Influential conservative figure Graham Allen shared his disapproval, saying, “Biden abruptly left during the closing prayer of the Medal of Honor ceremony… Truly unacceptable.”