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VIDEO: President Biden’s Motorcade Crashes?


Here’s what happened…

A video has surfaced depicting the immediate aftermath of a recent incident involving one of the Secret Service’s specially modified vehicles known as “Roadrunners.” These vehicles are heavily customized variants of the Ford F350 Super Duty and are typically part of the U.S. presidential motorcade, a topic we’ve previously covered. The most recent iteration of the Roadrunner was introduced in 2018.

According to The Drive, the incident occurred while the unique six-door Roadrunner was en route to Live Oak, Florida, on September 2. The vehicle was on its way to prepare for President Joe Biden’s visit to assess the damage caused by Hurricane Idalia and meet with storm victims.

Live Oak, Florida, is intersected by major highways, including U.S. Highway 90, U.S. Highway 129, and Interstate 10. However, the precise location of the accident has not been confirmed at this time.


The video capturing the accident, filmed from a moving vehicle, and an accompanying photograph were provided to The War Zone by Marco Congiu, a U.S. Correspondent for the Italian news channel SkyTg24. The footage shows the Secret Service vehicle veering off the road and coming to a halt, straddling the crash barrier in the center median of the highway. At the time the images were captured, at least one emergency vehicle and what appears to be another Secret Service vehicle were already on the scene.

It’s not uncommon for vehicles in the Presidential Motorcade to encounter issues from time to time. Given the significant modifications these vehicles undergo and the substantial weight they bear, occasional problems can arise, as seen in various videos. Nevertheless, an actual collision, especially involving a critical vehicle like the Roadrunner, is indeed a rare occurrence.

Regarding the Roadrunner itself, this distinctive truck is officially known as the White House Communications Agency’s communications, networking, and command vehicle, typically manned by a crew of three. It represents the latest iteration in a series of Roadrunners that have exhibited considerable variation in their configurations over time. The primary mission of the Roadrunner is to closely follow the presidential limousine, serving as a highly secure satellite communications gateway, as evidenced by its prominent mobile satellite communications antenna on its roof. These systems ensure that the President can maintain constant communication with critical authorities and other key individuals within the motorcade, enabling secure data sharing. Guaranteeing the President’s uninterrupted access to the National Command Authority is crucial to upholding the credibility of America’s nuclear deterrent.