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[Video] Hillary Runs From Reporters

[Video] Hillary Runs From Reporters


Will Hillary ever come back from this?

As you may already know, John Durham’s investigation has alleged that 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton likely paid a technology firm through her lawyers to spy on then-presidential candidate Donald Trump, Trump Tower and at one point even the White House.

The accusations against Hillary Clinton are massive and the mainstream media is doing their best to downplay it.

Now, it appears a reporter for the Daily Mail caught Hillary as she was walking around in New York City and Hillary didn’t know what to do except run and hide!


The reporter shouted at Hillary, “Did you pay to spy on the Trump campaign. When are you going to comment on the spying allegations, Hillary?

Hillary then waved as she quickly wobbled into a building.


While these allegations against Hillary are still only allegations, both the Democrats and Hillary Clinton sure do look guilty as hell.