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VP Kamala Harris Banned?

This needs to happen.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene has called for a ban on Vice President Kamala Harris in response to Harris’s recent call for a ban on assault weapons. Last month, President Joe Biden appointed Harris to lead the newly established federal Office of Gun Violence Prevention. On Monday, Harris reiterated her plea for Congress to pass an assault weapons ban, stating, “Weapons designed for warfare have no place on the streets of a civilized society. We need to implement an assault weapons ban. Congress, please send it to @JoeBiden’s desk.”

According to Newsweek, Greene, a Republican from Georgia known for her opposition to gun control, strongly objected to Harris’s statement. She replied, “America requires a prohibition on politicians with communist ideologies like you. It’s shameful that you’re attempting to undermine Americans’ right to self-defense, especially when your policies have led to a surge in crime and our nation being infiltrated by criminals, gangs, and terrorists.”

Harris addressed the challenges of passing an assault weapons ban during an event at the College of Southern Nevada and shared a video of her remarks on her official platform on Monday. She expressed, “The solution is clear. We need an assault weapons ban, universal background checks, and red flag laws. It’s not a complex issue. But there are members of Congress lacking the courage to act and who promote a false dichotomy: you’re either in favor of the Second Amendment or you want to confiscate all firearms. This is a false choice. I support the Second Amendment, but we must implement an assault weapons ban to protect our communities.”

Last month, the White House established the Office of Gun Violence Prevention, which Vice President Harris, a former prosecutor and state attorney general, will oversee. One of the office’s main objectives is to ensure the full implementation of a federal gun safety law passed last year. This law strengthened background checks for buyers under 21, aimed to prevent domestic violence offenders from accessing firearms, and supported the implementation of red flag laws at the state level, allowing for the removal of weapons from individuals deemed dangerous.

President Biden emphasized the need to reenact the assault weapons ban, speaking at a Human Rights Campaign dinner in Washington. He questioned, “Who on earth needs a weapon with a capacity for 100 rounds in a magazine? These weapons were designed with one purpose: to cause harm to people. We’ve done it before, and we can do it again. As long as I’m in office, I won’t rest until we achieve this goal.”