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Ballots Go Missing


This is becoming a huge problem.

It has just been discovered that over 1,000 voters in Atlanta, Georgia, did not receive their absentee ballots as they requested.

According to Fox, Cobb County Elections officials have now launched an investigation after they learned that 1,046 absentee ballots were never mailed out to voter who requested them.

Elections and Registrations Director Janine Eveler said that it was caused by “human error” after their new staff members failed to follow the necessary procedures.


Cobb County’s Board of Elections Chair Tori Silas then said that in a statement that she was upset that these voters may now lose their ability to vote.

“I am very disappointed that we have placed these voters in a position where they may not have an opportunity to cast their┬áballots in this general election,” Silas said.

Elections officials are now desperately trying to reach these voters by phone and email to tell them to vote directly at their local polling centers.

These are issues that should never happen. Voting in the United States is extremely important and there is more attention than ever before on election integrity.